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Darren Jan Sutton is an artist, activist and builder with ecological persuasions. He has MA in Social Sculpture a BSc in Environmental Studies but has gained much of his education amongst the alternative cultural movements of the last 20 years. To him it is apparent that some very drastic changes need to take place in the way that humanity is living if climate crisis and its far reaching implications are to be prevented. He is investigating how we have got our culture into this situation in the first place and is developing a practice to engage in these changes. Understanding that the shape of our culture is an expression of the ways we think about ourselves, each other and the world, he has become aware that shaping cultural change is as much about working on our minds and perspectives as it is about transforming things out there in the world. He hopes to contribute to the both of these, helping us move beyond our culture of separation from ourselves, each other and the earth.

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